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As a fast growing Jewish neighborhood, closing in on one hundred families, we continue to surround ourselves with projects to enhance our expanding needs. It is with great pleasure that we continue to make further progress on the Inwood Mikvah Project.

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Sky's The Limit

We would like to thank all the generous donors and participants that have brought us to this stage in our project.

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Men’s Mikvah

include a large changing area for fifteen men with individual cubbies.

Lady’s Mikvah

consist of six changing rooms. This of which one room will be an oversized, elegant, and inviting Kallah suite.

Kailim Mikvah

two adjacent bors and a ledge to accommodate the Yom Tov crunch and two long counters with a sink for ample work area.


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This is how the building will look from the outside

distinct spaces with individual entrances

changing rooms in lady’s mikvah

Parking Spots

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